Choice of BGT or The Voice

Lewis Ingham
Lewis Ingham

SATURDAY evening’s programme of choice at this time of the year tends to be dominated by BGT – Britain’s Got Talent – but a new show appears to be having something to say about that.

Jessie J and co on BBC’s The Voice are proving a real hit.

But does the new show mean the end for the hugely popular ITV talent show?

Year 6 pupils at Clavering Primary School, in Clavering Road, in the town, had their say when they spoke to Hartlepool Mail reporter Dominic Shaw.

THE pupils at Clavering Primary School, in Hartlepool, have mixed views on their favourite Saturday evening talent show.

Lewis Ingham, 11, said: “I definitely prefer Britain’s Got Talent, mainly because it’s not just singing and there are lots of different acts.

“The Voice is good and it is a different idea, I think it is probably better than X Factor.

“But I still think Britain’s Got Talent is the best.”

Harrison Wright, 10, said: “I think The Voice is brilliant, it’s something a bit different.

“I like how the people on it are judged just on their voice.

“I didn’t really think I would get in to it at first but I have been enjoying it.”

Emily Johnston, 11, said: “The Voice is better because the judges on it are really good.

“I think is brilliant, he’s very funny.

“I do think Britain’s Got Talent is a good show, but if they were both on at the same time I would definitely watch The Voice.”

Laura Founde, 10, said: “I prefer The Voice.

“I watched it from the start and straight away I knew I preferred it.

“I don’t really like Britain’s Got Talent, but I still watch it sometimes.

“I think it is past its best now.”

Jake Bennett, 11, said: “Britain’s Got Talent is still the best because of the different acts.

“The dog acts are my favourites.

“The Voice is ok, I still watch it but I don’t really think it is too exciting.”

Taylor Allen, 11, said: “I like Britain’s Got Talent more because I like watching all of the really bad acts at the start.

“I do watch The Voice and I think it’s better than X Factor but I still think Britain’s Got Talent is the best.”

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