College’s new logo for £52m building

The new Hartlepool College of Further Education logo
The new Hartlepool College of Further Education logo

A BRAND new multi-million pound college has today unveiled its new logo.

To coincide with the new £52m building, a new logo has been created for Hartlepool College of Further Education by one its own students.

Principal Michael Bretherick congratulates design winner Krisit Indi

Principal Michael Bretherick congratulates design winner Krisit Indi

The colourful “luminary” logo - which will replace the current cuboid-style one created in the 1980s - will be the primary visual means of identifying the flagship new development.

Staff say that The Luminary, derived from the astronomical term for the two brightest objects in the sky, the Sun and the Moon is a representation of the college’s unending cycle in the pursuit of excellence.

As the new building was being constructed throughout 2010, the decision was taken to refresh the college logo, an update intended to bring it into line with the clean and modern appearance of the building, and one which would also allow it to flexibly adapt in response to the many facets of its resources and organisation.

Given the college’s philosophy of learners being at the centre of every aspect of college life, management said it made perfect sense to organise a competition that briefed the college’s design students to create a new visual identity to reflect the innovative and inspirational quality of the organisation. The students responded to this challenge with great vigour and creative verve.

The numerous entries were judged by members of the executive team and the college’s in-house design and marketing specialists, and the standard of those submitted was excellent.

In a close-run contest, the winning logo was one created by Krisit Indi, a second year student on the National Diploma in Art and Design.

The judging panel was impressed by Krisit’s balance of refinement, elegance, adaptability and modernity.

A multi-layered solution that is all at once simple and complex, it was described as a celestial body in the form of a sun or a burst of energy - the origin of a new dawn, which signifies Hartlepool College of Further Education’s eminence and stature as a leading light in education.

A college spokeswoman said: “The old logo was often somewhat flatly referred to as just that - “the logo”.

However, as this new logo is symbolic of such a major milestone in the college’s history, it was felt that it was worthy of a name by which it could be easily identified, and one that would epitomise all of the qualities it both contained and represented.

Michael Bretherick, the college’s principal and chief executive, said: “It is no surprise that one of our own students design has been chosen.

“We have developed some truly inspirational design students and our new brand is a true reflection of the superb work our staff have been doing.

“We are so excited to be starting our new journey in our new facilities with new opportunities while still offering the same excellence.”

The new college building will open this summer and be fully operational for the new intake of students in September.