Facebook campaign to ‘save job’ of video-posting Hartlepool teacher

SUPPORT: The Facebook page defending Stephanie Aird
SUPPORT: The Facebook page defending Stephanie Aird

A CAMPAIGN has been set up to “save the job” of a town teacher suspended after posting “inappropriate” videos on Facebook.

Music teacher Stephanie Aird was ordered to stay away from Dyke House Sports and Technology College after complaints to senior staff.

The bizarre comedy sketch-type videos were posted on the teacher’s personal Facebook page.

The teacher has protested her innocence on Facebook since the Mail broke the story on Tuesday, insisting the videos were done “in her own time, on her own phone”.

And now a Facebook page has been set up called “Save Stephanie Aird’s Job” which has been liked by almost 1,000 people.

Commenting on her own Facebook page, Miss Aird said: “A parent had complained to the school about the videos.

“What I cannot get my head round is why or how a small number of people find my videos offensive. While in school I am a hard-working, inspirational teacher and have been for 18 years.

“I have sweat blood and tears for my students and pushed them hard to be all they can be. Out of school I enjoy making comedy videos and music and other things like spending time with my family just like a normal person.”

Despite the controversy, Miss Aird took to cyberspace again on Tuesday evening to post another video which has appeared on YouTube.

In the clip, she speaks of her shock at finding out she was front page news in the Mail.

In the video, which runs for almost three minutes, she talks of how she rang the Mail to ask why she ws the centre of attention and added: “All this kerfuffle is making me very dizzy”. She then said: “I’m only sat in the house making videos”.

The footage had been viewed more than 1,000 times within two hours of it being posted.

Friends have also offered support, posting various messages accusing the school of “over-reacting”, and a dedicated page was created on Facebook on Tuesday called ‘Save Stephanie Aird’s Job’.

Miss Aird now faces disiplinary action.

Robyn(left) and Stephanie Aird pictured at their cake stall.

Robyn(left) and Stephanie Aird pictured at their cake stall.

Headteacher Andrew Jordon, who confirmed to the Mail on Tuesday that Miss Aird had been suspended from the Mapleton Road college, is aware of the latest video but cannot make any further comment while a disciplinary procedure is underway.

THERE were a mixture of comments on the Mail’s Facebook page after the story was published.

Steph Rhoden posted: “She is a good teacher, bless her. I feel sorry for her.”

Maria Horner added: “She is a lovely teacher, what you do in your private time is up to you.”

Rob Allen posted: “I think it depends on the type of job you have the way you conduct yourself in public. If you are a teacher you have the school’s reputation to protect.”

Dawn Mathwin said; “Silly, silly woman, when you’ve got a career like that you have to toe the line.”

All of the comments posted on the ‘Save Stephanie Aird’s Job’ were, not surprisingly, in favour of the teacher.

Jade Sarah Wharton said: “If more teachers were like her then more children would go to school.”

Nathan Storm said: “Loving the support for this amazing teacher, I left years ago now and she is still one of my favourites. Always happy and making people happy, we can’t have happy people in education?? Obviously not.”

Many Payne said: “What a joke this is she isn’t hurting anyone some people just don’t know how to smile. Well I love Miss Stephanie Aird and think there should be more people in the world like her.