Festival’s film screenings for schools

Pupils enjoying a cinema experience.
Pupils enjoying a cinema experience.

For three weeks in the autumn, young people in and around Hartlepool can enjoy a free, fun and educational trip to the cinema.

It is all part of the Into Film Festival 2016, the world’s biggest youth film festival, which returns from November 9 to 25 and includes showings at Vue Cinema in Hartlepool.

The festival, which uses the power of film to captivate young minds and bring learning to life, will include a tribute to Roald Dahl’s centenary year and screenings linked to diversity, wellbeing and anti-bullying.

The free screenings and events are for five to 19-year-olds.

Showing at Hartlepool as part of the event will include free screenings of Ghostbusters, Capture The Flag, Alice Through The Looking Glass (3D) and X-Men Apocalypse.

It is open to schools, colleges, home educatators and youth leaders.

This year’s thought-provoking programme will offer a range of stories curated around six themes.

Selected with educators in mind, the film titles – encompassing blockbusters, adaptations of novels and plays, British and classic films, documentaries, foreign language and world cinema – will address the importance of diversity and encourage young people to empathise with others.

Films exploring changes in circumstance, environment, bullying and transition will offer the chance to debate current topics including immigration, loss and discrimination as well as individuals, movements and achievements that have changed the course of history or challenged our way of life.

Tickets for the festival are available for educators to book at www.intofilm.org/events/festival