FIRST CLASS: And the nominees for St Teresa’s favourite films are...

School report St Teresa's RC Primary new starters 2014 Class 2
School report St Teresa's RC Primary new starters 2014 Class 2

WE asked pupils at St Teresa’s RC Primary School about their favourite films and why they liked them so much.

Grace Allan said Alice in Wonderland was her favourite film.

“We read the book in class and every chapter I read intrigued me and made me want to read on. I re-read every chapter.

“Because I’d read the book helped me understand the film more.”

Toni Day said her favourite is Into the Woods because it has all the fairy tales from when she was a little girl.

“It brings back memories and it is a musical and I like it when they sing.”

Bridie Fitzsimmons said The Hobbit is her favourite.

“It made me try different things and we read it in class.

“He originally said he wasn’t going on the journey but then thought about it and decided to go.”

Owen Hardy said: “My favourite is Pacific Rim because it reminds me of how special are welders and how we are so grateful.”

Luke Thompson said: “Great Expectations is me favourite because it’s really adventurous and I like the parts.

“The best bit is when the two escapees are fighting.”

Oliver Tierney said: “My favourite film is Goodnight Mr Tom because we read it in class.

“In the war he’s an evacuee and I like that part because I would probably never get the chance to be an evacuee.”