FIRST CLASS: Curry top of the menu at Stranton Primary

Stranton Primary School new starters. Class 1.
Stranton Primary School new starters. Class 1.

SCHOOL dinners used to be the butt of many jokes in the past. Years ago it was all stodgy puddings and pink custard. Then it was chips with everything. These days there is a much more health conscious diet on offer. But do the children actually like the food served up at dinner time? We asked pupils at Stranton Primary School if school dinners were top of the class.

JUDGING by the pupils we talked to, chicken is certainly top of the menu for many as they see it as a healthy and low fat means of getting protein.

Stranton Primary School. Class 2

Stranton Primary School. Class 2

Be it in a curry with rice or in a pie, it certainly tickles these children’s tastebuds.

Tuna pasta was also on the favourites list.

The children all seem to be aware of the dangers of eating too much fat and how protein is important in their diets.

And, of course school diners are a welcome way of warming up on a cold day.

Hayden Neesam said “I like school dinners because they are warm when it is cold outside.

“My favourite is chicken curry and rice because the rice is steamed and has very low fat.”

Leon Wright said: “I like dinners because when it’s cold outside you can go in and have a warm dinners and it’s really nice.

“Favourite is chicken curry and rice, when you go to the salad bar and eat some with lettuce and cucumber it’s really tasty.”

Rebecca Neesam said: “I like school dinners because they help me get stronger and I learn more. My favourite is chicken curry because it gives me energy.”

Charlotte Singleton said: “I like school dinners because they are really healthy and it helps you grow.

You don’t get too big because the portions are just the right size.

“I like the tuna pasta the best because it is very healthy.”

Minnie Parkinson said: “School dinners give you loads of energy and I like the chicken curry because it’s nice and warm.”

Fatima Mustjab likes school dinners because they are very healthy and don’t have too much fat.

“I like the chicken pie the best because the pastry doesn’t have fat in and the chicken has protein which is very healthy.”