FIRST CLASS: Fens Primary imagine amazing presents

Class1 reception Fans Primary School
Class1 reception Fans Primary School

WITH Christmas not too far away now, we asked pupils from Fens Primary School what presents they would invent if the only limits were their own imagination. We got some really clever ideas from the pupils who’d love to see some of them in Santa’s sack one year!

Amy Harker would create a machine that would stop all wars when its button was pressed, so all the doctors, nurses and soldiers could come home for at least one day to spend Christmas with their families.

“It would mean families could be together for the day rather than spread all over the world.”

Alfie Humble would invent a button that does all the housework for you which turns all the lights on, cleans the dishes and puts your clothes on for you.

“It’s a lazy invention really because I don’t like doing housework for my mam.”

Finlay Ward would like to invent his own advent calendar.

“It would be a Rudolph advent machine. You could press its tummy every day leading up to Christmas and a sweet would pop out for you.”

Josie Hill would invent a Christ as book.

“There would be 25 pages and on every page there would be a character that comes out and tells a little Christmas story.

“There would also be a little chocolate on every page. Then on the 25th there would be a massive chocolate and a selection of songs it would play for you.”

Lana Hanson, would be happy if the less fortunate were happier: “With the push of a button you could give someone a warm shelter, some food and water and some nice clothes to wear.”

Nathan McLauchlan would invent something from Minecraft: “I would get a character and put it into my own character’s skin.”

and put a Santa hat and all Christmas stuff on it.”