FIRST CLASS: Hartlepool children on their favourite sports

Class1 new starters at Barnard Grove Primary.
Class1 new starters at Barnard Grove Primary.

BARNARD Grove pupils go in for a wide variety of different sports

Abi Bell said she likes horse riding.

Class 2 new starters at Barnard Grove Primary.

Class 2 new starters at Barnard Grove Primary.

“I have my own horse and go riding every day. I can trot, walk, canter and jump.

“We go in the arena and sometimes go for a hack outside. We have a teaching instructor, who tells us what to do, and my mam rides.

“The best bit is in the arena because they are used to it. “

Jason Hammond’s favourite sport is football.

“It is a sport for all ages and men and women can play.

“It keeps you fit and I play. My favourite team is Liverpool.”

Blake Harrison said: “My favourite sport is basketball. In football, you don’t seem to have control over the ball, but in basketball you have more control.

“I used to play basketball, but now I just go and watch.”

Jayden Lilley said: “I like swimming. I take part and I like to do front crawl and backstroke.

“I can do a length in about three minutes. I go swimming every Tuesday.”

Faith Spence said: “I like rugby because it’s full of action and wakes me up on a Sunday morning.

“I play all positions but I’m mainly the one rucking over.

“My coach says that’s my best position. We play proper rugby, not touch.

“It’s all about team work.”

Charlie Wainwright’s favourite sport is cross country running.

“I take part in it and we run 1,200m to 1,600m.

“I like getting the adrenalin rush when you get near the finish.

“We run individually but other kids from the school run as well which makes it better.”