FIRST CLASS: Hartlepool children’s dream Christmas dinner guests

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IT’S the biggest meal of the year and the children of St Cuthbert’s are certainly looking forward to their Christmas dinners.

But we wondered who that extra special guest would be.

Louis Weatherill said he would invite his hero.

“I’d invite Ellie Simmonds. I wasn’t a good swimmer but she inspired me to get better and I’ really good now.”

Meg Humphrey said: “I would invite David Walliams because he has inspired me to write stories and his books are really good.

“I want to be a writer when I grow up.”

Kieran Wilson is a keen footballer and his invite would go out to one of his sporting heroes.

“I would invite Steven Gerrard because he has inspired me to play a lot of football.

“I wasn’t very good when I was small but I’ve got better and better.

“I think he is a brilliant footballer.”

Holly McGarry said: “Jenniffer Aniston because she has given me a lot of confidence in everything I do and I really enjoy her films.”

Ellie Hudson said it would be Niall Horan from One Direction.

“I used to watch the X Factor. I never used to sing before then but after watching them it inspired me to sing.”

Ben Prest said: “It would be Michael Morpergo because he writes really good books and it has inspired me to write more.

“I’d like him to bring one of his books to read to me.”

“We’d probably have turkey.”