FIRST CLASS: Kingsley Primary still loves the X Factor

Reception Class 1 at Kingsley Primary School
Reception Class 1 at Kingsley Primary School

JUDGING by these pupils from Kingsley Primary School, Simon Cowell is still onto a winner with the X Factor.

All the pupils are big fans of the show and love the banter between the judges and the failings of some of the contestants.

Reception Class 2 at Kingsley Primary School

Reception Class 2 at Kingsley Primary School

Not all would be keen to actually take part in the show as singers, but there could be queue to take part as a dancer.

Poppi Carroll-Cunnigham said she is a fan of the X Factor.

“I think it is all fair and I like how they judge it.

“I like the judges, but not Simon Cowell because he’s too bossy and he’s nasty to Cheryl who is my favourite.

“If I was on the X Factor I don’t know what song I’d sing.”

Emily Henderson is also a fan.

“I like the way all the contestants’ voices just break out.

“If I was on ethere I would sing an Olly Murs song becaue I think he is really inspirational.”

Keira Moor likes watching all the contestants competing against each other.

“I like the judges saying what they like about it.

“I don’t really sing, but I do like to dance, so I’d like to be on the X Factor as one of the dancers.”

Joseph Pollard quite likes the X Factor.

“I like how all the people are trying their best.

“If I was on there I’d sing and dance. I’m all right as a singer but not a very good dancer.”

Elliot Reed likes how Stevie Ritchie is still in it.

“People are just voting for him to get on people’s nerves I think.

“I’d probably sing and dance if I was on there but I don’t like singing.”

William Strickland says it’s really entertinaing.

“It makes me laugh when some people fail.

“Some of the judges are really strict.

“I can’t remember the judges names but some of them are really funny.

“I’d not sing if I went on there I’d just tell a joke.”

So it seems the show still rules supreme as a Saturday night singing contest, at least in some Hartlepool homes.