First Class: Lynnfield pupils hope for a hellish Halloween.

Shafath Ahmed
Shafath Ahmed

IT’S all set to be a haunting half term for primary school pupils as they plan for a hellish Halloween.

Some of the Year 6 pupils at Lynnfield Primary School, Hartlepool, plan to go out trick or treating, others are going to parties while some don’t intend to mark the occasion at all.

The youngsters spoke to Mail reporter Dominic Shaw.

Priti Tasnim, 10, said: “This Halloween I think I’m going to go out trick or treating.

“I do like Halloween.

“Hopefully I will get lots of sweets.”

Tamsyn Kerr, 10, said: “I really like Halloween and I normally go out trick or treating with my family and my friends.

“But this year I’m going to stay in with my mam because we have a lot of planning to do for a Halloween party I’m going to on Saturday.”

Shafath Ahmed, 10, said: “I always look forward to Halloween, but this year I’m not too bothered about going trick or treating., I think I will just stay in.

“Some of my friends will be going out trick or treating though.”

Milly Best, 10, said: “I always go out trick or treating on Halloween and I really enjoy it.

“But this year is going to be extra special because all of my family are coming with me, I think it will be brilliant.”

Kieran Lynn, 10, said: “I really enjoy Halloween and this year I think it’s going to be brilliant. I normally go out trick or treating with my family.

“But this year I am going out with all of my friends.”

Liam Robertson, 10, said: “I don’t really like Halloween.

“I don’t know why but I have never really enjoyed it and I won’t be going out trick or treating.

“I do have plenty of other things planned for the half term holiday though.”