FIRST CLASS: St Aidan’s pupils’s best ever Christmas presents

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WITH the Christmas countdown now well and truly underway, youngsters at St Aidan’s Primary School are getting excited for Father Christmas paying a visit.

The Christmas lists have been sent to Santa, and it won’t be long before the trees and lights are up.

We asked youngsters from the school in Loyalty Road what their best presents have been in years gone by.

IT’S a bit of a selection box of goodies for these youngsters when it comes to presents.

New starters class 14 St. Aidan's Primary School . Picture by FRANK REID

New starters class 14 St. Aidan's Primary School . Picture by FRANK REID

Abbie Hall said: “I think my favourite Christmas present was when I got my iPad.

“It was the first electrical thing I ever got and I was over the moon with it.

“I could download loads of games, and message my cousin on it.

“I very rarely download music on it, I just love the games.”

Dalton Burns said; “One year I got a scooter for Christmas.

“At the time I was really into scooters and bikes and stuff, and I used to take them apart and put them back together when I was bored.

“That’s what I like to do.”

Grace Dorbon said: “My best present was when I woke up and my mam said to me that I was going to get a little sister.

“I was only seven and I really, really wanted one.

“That was better than anything in the whole wide world.”

Jack Austwicke said; “My best present was probably the bike I got last year.

“I really enjoy playing with it, and I really like it because my last one wasn’t so good.

“It was a big surprise as well, I went to shut the gate behind my granddad on Christmas Day, and when I turned around the bike was leaning against the wall.”

Reanne Duke said; “My favourite Christmas was when my little sister was born and I got to spend time with her.

“She was my first little sister, before that I didn’t have anyone else except for my mam and dad.”

Rhiannon Reed said: “I love spending time with my dad at Christmas.

“It’s better than any presents because I don’t get to see him very often.

“We just spend Christmas together and I really like it.”