FIRST CLASS: Tis the season for adverts at Ward Jackson

New starters at Ward Jackson Primary School.
New starters at Ward Jackson Primary School.

SHAUNA SMITH said: “I like the Marks & Spencer one because I like the way for Christmas they get everybody out of their homes and make them forget about their computers and video games and toys and get them out and play with the snow.

“It reminds me of Christmas and gets me excited.”

BEN BARTLETT said: “I think it would the Boots one where she is working at Christmas.

“I’ve nearly been there in that situation, I haven’t, but I’ve nearly been there.

“She missed the family time because she was working, so on Boxing Day all the family get together just to make sure that she gets her time with the family.

“It just makes you think that people can be more affectionate than they seem.”

WILLIAM ASHTON said: “I like the Sky TV advert. There is a family that start in their house then they turn into The Muppets then they go through this door that goes into Frozen.

“Then they go on a sleigh then through another door into Lego where they have a Lego snow fight then they go back in their house.”

THOMAS O’KEEFE said: “I like the Coca Cola one, it reminds me of Christmas and that brand of drink.

“I like the way they do it where the truck comes along with Santa on the front or the back and everybody is putting their Christmas lights up.

“They can’t seem to get them to work, then they all come on magically somehow.”

JAMIE ARMSTRONG said: “I like the Sainsbury’s one because it is all about sharing.

“Germany and England are fighting in the trenches and on Christmas morning Germany started singing then England started singing, and then they started playing football with each other.

“It’s all about sharing and giving stuff.”

EVE SERGEANT said; “My favourite advert is John Lewis. It’s all about a penguin who is with a little boy, but he’s all alone and needs a friend.

“So on Christmas morning the boy gets him a penguin as a surprise.

“That’s what Christmas is about, spending time with the people you love and not about the presents.”