First Class: What are St Cuthbert’s pupils giving up for lent?

AFTER tucking into pancakes last Tuesday, it was time to start fighting temptation for 40 days during Lent.

For some of the Year 6 pupils at St Cuthbert’s RC Primary School, in Hartlepool, it’s a period without sweets, crisps and mobile phones.

They spoke to Mail reporter DOMINC SHAW.

Alex Edwards, 11, said: “I decided to try and give up sweets for Lent this year.

St Cuthbertsprimary school new starters March 2014.

St Cuthbertsprimary school new starters March 2014.

“My mam spends quite a lot of money on buying sweets for us so I decided to try and give them up because they’re not very good for you either.”

Jay Allan, 11, said: “I’m not giving up anything for Lent this year but I am trying to be more helpful to my mum and dad around the house.

“Last year I gave up crisps and I managed to last the full 40 days.”

Holly Weatherill, 10, said: “This year I’ve decided to try and give up chocolate for Lent because I do eat too much of it.

“I’m trying to not use my mobile phone as much either and to play outside more.”

Gary Bolton, 11, said: “This year I said I would try and give up sweets. It will be tough but I think I will be able to do it. It will save my mam some money as well when she goes shopping.”

Lucy Moran, 10, said: “This year I’ve given up my phone for Lent because my dad said I use it too much.

“I will try my best to last out the 40 days without using it.”

Ryan Richardson, 11, said: “I’ve given up crisps for Lent this year and I’m also trying to help my mam around the house a bit more. I don’t always give something up for Lent every year but when I do I try my best to complete the 40 days.”