Halloween break
for youngsters

Rena Martindale and (below) Ethan Parkinson
Rena Martindale and (below) Ethan Parkinson

WHAT do the youngsters at St Helen’s Primary School think about Halloween?

Ethan Parkinson, 10, said: “I’m not really bothered about Halloween.

Ethan Parkinson. Picture by FRANK REID

Ethan Parkinson. Picture by FRANK REID

“I won’t go trick or treating, I’m too old for that.

“I used to go every year and get loads of sweets, we will probably have a lot knocking at our door.”

Alix Compton, 11, is looking forward to a Halloween party with her dancing school.

She said: “I’m going with my sister, I think it will be good.

“I remember when I used to go trick or treating in the past, I used to really enjoy it.”

Rena Martindale, 10, went to a Halloween party on Saturday night.

She said: “I prefer bonfire night to Halloween because it’s only a few days before my birthday.

“I’m not bothered about going trick or treating anymore, I will probably go swimming instead.”

Martha Monaghan Kennedy, 10, was planning to go to a Halloween roller disco on the Headland on Sunday night.

Martha said: “I think I will take my little brother out trick or treating, it will be his first time.

“I do enjoy Halloween, it’s always good fun and I used to love trick or treating when I was a bit younger.”

Leonie Stabler, 10, said: “I think I will go trick or treating, but I don’t know what I’m going to dress up as yet. I will probably just decide on the day.

“I have dressed up in loads of costumes for Halloween in the past.”

Katie Williams, 10, said: “I’m going to a Halloween party on Tuesday night and then I’m going to go trick or treating on Wednesday evening.

“I will probably go with my nieces and nephews. I’m not sure what I’m going to go as, one year I dressed as a bat.”

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