Hartlepool bucks national trend for vacant teacher positions

There are no vacant teaching positions in Hartlepool.
There are no vacant teaching positions in Hartlepool.

There are no vacant permanent teaching positions in Hartlepool, despite there being 1,000 roles unfilled across Britain.

There were 920 vacancies for full-time permanent teachers in state-funded schools in England last year, according to the latest Government data, but none in primary or secondary schools in the town.

A further 3,280 full-time posts were being temporarily filled on a contract of at least one term but less than a year, the figures reveal.

Of the vacant posts, there are 394 in the nation’s primary schools.

In secondary schools across England, there are 412 vacant teaching posts and 1,227 posts filled on a temporary basis.

Councillor Alan Clark, chairman of Hartlepool Borough Council’s Children’s Services Committee, said: “This report highlights that as a local authority, Hartlepool is very successful in the continued recruitment of teaching staff.

“While we recognise that there are continuing difficulties in shortage areas such as mathematics and science in secondary schools, this is a trend that is also reflected in the wider UK picture.

“As an authority, we consistently encourage dedicated and talented teachers who will provide the highest standard of teaching possible to join our schools and help Hartlepool children reach their full potential.”