Hartlepool children tell of their favourite wild animals

School report Hart Primary new starters.
School report Hart Primary new starters.

WILD animals come in all shapes and sizes and the favourite animals among pupils at Hart Primary School certainly proved that with a wide variety of different choices.

Louis Duffy said: “My favourite is the cheetah.

“It is very fast and it works hard to take care of its children. I haven’t seen one in real life but I’d like to.”

Jamie Hayes said: “My favourite is a lizard.

I like how it camouflages and moves really fast. I like all lizards.”

Max Kemp’s favourite is the ant eater.

“I like the fact it is unusual and strange.

“I have seen one in a zoo and they look really weird.”

Thomas Mason said: “My favourite is the monkey. I like that they can climb very well and the fact that we are descended from them.

“I haven’t seen one in real life but I like watching them on TV.

“I haven’t got a favourite I just like all monkeys.”

Joe Stanworth said: “Tigers are my favourite.

“They are very calming and they have nice colours. I like all tigers and I’ve seen them in zoos but most of the time they are sleeping.”