Hartlepool primary school marks among best in England

Brougham Primary School headteacherJulie Thomas (centre) with staff and pupils.
Brougham Primary School headteacherJulie Thomas (centre) with staff and pupils.

COUNCIL chiefs have hailed the latest Key Stage 2 results as “impressive”.

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The percentage of Key Stage 2 pupils making the expected progress in maths from Key Stage 1 (KS1) to Key Stage 2 (KS2) is 93 per cent - the 9th highest in England, out of 165 local authority areas.

The percentage of KS2 pupils making the expected progress in writing from KS1 to KS2 is 95 per cent - the 16th highest in England.

The percentage of KS 2 pupils making the expected progress in reading from Key Stage 1 (KS1) to KS2 has gone up from 90 per cent last year to 93 per cent this year – the 18th highest in England.

This progress has in turn led to some very good attainment figures.

In Maths, 88 per cent of KS2 pupils achieved Level 4 or above – the 25th highest result in England.

In English, 90 per cent of KS2 pupils achieved Level 4 or above in reading – the 30th highest result in England and 86 per cent achieved Level 4 or above in writing – the 41st highest result in England.

Councillor Chris Simmons, chairman of Hartlepool Borough Council’s Children’s Services Committee, said: “The performance of our primary schools continues its impressive upward trend – in terms of the progress made our overall figures are all in the top 20 in England.

“The council remains determined to ensure that our children – both in our primaries and in our rapidly improving secondaries – will have the best possible start in life and together with our schools we are working very hard to achieve that.

“We remain absolutely committed to achieving our ambition that by the end of the next 12-18 months, all Hartlepool’s schools will be judged good or better.

“Once again, I send my congratulations to the pupils, teachers and support staff, governors and parents on the excellent progress which they have made and I wish them well for their continued success.”

Brougham Primary School celebrate

PUPILS at a Hartlepool primary school are celebrating after scoring top marks in their Key Stage 2 results.

Brougham Primary School, in Brougham Terrace, recorded an impressive 100 per cent pass rate in its latest Level 4 reading, writing and maths tests, recording 93 per cent in spelling and grammar.

At Level 5, the school also scored 74 per cent in reading and writing, 59 per cent at maths and 93 per cent in spelling and grammar.

The results were the best in Hartlepool, according to the latest Government figures.

Overall, Hartlepool exceeded the national average pass rate of 79 per cent at Level 4, with 80 per cent.

At Level 5, it fell slightly below the national average of 24 per cent, recording a 22 per cent pass rate.

Headteacher at Brougham Primary School, Julie Thomas, said: “We were expecting good results, but not as good as these.

“It is a fantastic effort by everyone.”

“The results are really an indication of the hard work of both the children and the staff here,” said Mrs Thomas.

“They have all worked so hard throughout the year.

“We hope the children now go on to continue their success at secondary school.”

Earlier this year, a Government minister wrote to the primary school to congratulate it for an amazing turnaround in its performance.

Three years ago, it was languishing in the bottom 10 per cent of the country’s primary schools for how much progress pupils make before leaving for senior school.

But is rose to one of the top 250 schools nationally after the publication of its Key Stage 2 test results at the end of last year.

Education minister David Laws MP wrote to Mrs Thomas to congratulate her and the school for the improvement.

“We want to continue progressing and improving,” said Mrs Thomas. “We always, always aim higher and higher. If we achieve that, then that’s fantastic.”

In East Durham, Thornley Primary, in Thornley, was among the top achievers.

It recorded 100 per cent in Level 4 reading, writing and maths tests, as well as in spelling and grammar.

Deputy headteacher Jaymie Tateson said: “We are really, really proud. It was a team effort by everyone here. Everybody played their part.”

Ms Tateson said the marks reflected positively on the school, as well as the wider community.

“We had a feeling when the children sat down to take the tests that they would do well,” she said.

“They were a really good group and they were hungry for it – they wanted to do well.

“When the final results came through we were so pleased for them.

“But this is great not only for the school, but also for the wider community.”