Hartlepool students take part in Sunderland University event to get more females interested in science subjects

STUDENTS: Teenagers from Hartlepool Sixth Form College at the Sunderland University event.
STUDENTS: Teenagers from Hartlepool Sixth Form College at the Sunderland University event.

FEMALE students attended a University event aimed at getting more interest in subjects such as science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

Teenagers from Hartlepool Sixth Form College, in Blakelock Road, visited The future of females in STEM event held recently at Sunderland University.

Officials at the Hartlepool college say they always encourage all of its students to have ‘high aspirations’ and the event allowed some of their female students to have a look at some possible future career opportunities.

Teachers at the college say the event was a big success.

Fei Wan Lee, a chemistry and applied science teacher, said: “The lecture theatre audience was full and our students really enjoyed themselves.

“We attended taster sessions on ‘Myths and illusions in psychology,’ discussing a psychopath profile, ghosts and the McGurk effect.

“The students also met SimMan an advanced simulation mannequin that has blood pressure, pulse and other physiological behaviour whereby they were allowed to take pulses, heart rates with stethoscopes, shown how to administer IV dexamethasone and treat the mannequin during an asthma attack and other programmed medical scenarios.

“This is real life experience which really impressed them.

“It was a fun-packed event that allowed all of the students attending to think about new possible career opportunities once they have completed their A-Levels at college.”

The students also examined objects in ears and got to wear beer goggles and drive a remote controlled car, to see the effects of alcohol.

The Market Place included a showcase of academics and companies before the day finished with John Kilcoyne’s Whiz Bang show.

Students also attended sessions at the Sunderland University event called Lego Robots, the Science Experiment by GlaxoSmithKline, Smart Dress Making, Jelly Spaghetti, Biomechanics and Electrical Engineering.