Hartlepool students take their art to the streets

Students Jasmine Walker, Beth Clark, Chloe Oakley and Jenny Easton.
Students Jasmine Walker, Beth Clark, Chloe Oakley and Jenny Easton.

Students descended on Hartlepool’s historic Headland for a graffiti art project.

The second year students from Cleveland College of Art and Design in Middlesbrough have worked with Hartlepool Folk Festival organiser, Joan Crump, to design and create a series of pop-up art images for the town’s first folk festival this weekend.

The brief was to visually interpret phrases from local folk songs.

Beth Clark, 18, a student on the BTEC Extended Diploma in Art & Design, said: “It was a totally amazing project to mix music with designs, and great to be able to legally spray paint on the streets of Hartlepool.”

After spending the last two months creating their own stencil designs based on the lyrics, the students were given special permission to use a spray paint called NeverWet to create the artistic images on the pavements around the Headland, which only show up when it rains or when exposed to water.

The paint is used specially for the invisible graffiti, which will erode naturally over two to three weeks.

Joan said: “It’s been great watching the students really get excited about the project, and I love how they’ve visually interpreted the folk songs – some of the images are gorgeous.”

Amanda Smith, course leader for art and design at the college, said: “We really strive to get our students involved in exciting innovative projects such as this one, using a new product which is water resistant, so the images designed by the students won’t show up until it rains.

“Having experience of real projects that they have successfully completed at such a young age will really help with their future careers.”