Holy Trinity youngsters set for new talent series

THE nation’s favourite talent shows are never far from news and new judges Michael McIntyre and David Hasselhoff will be making their debut on Britain’s Got Talent when the fifth series of the show kicks off in the coming weeks.

I spoke to the Year 6 children at Holy Trinity C of E Primary School in Hartlepool to get their thoughts on the upcoming show.

PUPILS at Holy Trinity C of E Primary School say they are looking forward to the show and told of what talent they would show off if they were to have a go.

Megan Moore, 11, said she would put her hours of singing practice to good use if she went on Britain’s Got Talent.

She said: “I go to singing lessons and I think if I was to go on the show I would sing 1,000 miles by Vanessa Carlton.

“George Sampson is my favourite star from the show.

“I have watched him acting in some programmes recently, but I think he is better at dancing.”

Chance Raine, 11, said: “I would play the guitar if I went on Britain’s Got Talent.

“I think I would play Wonderwall by Oasis.

“I enjoy watching the show and I like X Factor as well.

“Olly Murs is probably my favourite contestant from that show.”

Anjali Gupta, 10, said she would do some Bollywood dancing if she went on the show.

She said: “I do enjoy watching Britain’s Got Talent, but there are other shows I like more.

“I really enjoy watching Got To Dance because some of the dance acts on there are brilliant.

“I am looking forward to Britain’s Got Talent starting again, but I will miss Take Me Out on a Saturday night.

“That’s brilliant.”

Christopher Addison, 11, said: “I think the weirder acts on Britain’s Got Talent are the best.

“I remember when somebody pulled a wagon with his ear and when somebody else put daggers down their throat.

“Personally I think acts like that are more exciting than watching someone sing.

“If I went on the show I would do some lip-syncing, I am really good at that.

“I think I would have a chance of qualifying.”

Hannah Defty, 10, said: “I think Britain’s Got Talent is better than the X Factor.

“Amanda is my favourite judge, I would love to meet her. I don’t think it will be as good without Simon Cowell on it this year. I will still watch it though.”

Reece Cox, 11, said: “Britain’s Got Talent is really funny.

“I like watching that and the X Factor.

“Simon Cowell is brilliant so I don’t know what the shows are going to be like without him.

“My favourite X Factor contestant is Lloyd Daniels, I thought he was excellent.”