Love’s not in the air just yet for Golden Flatts Primary pupils

Mollie Forsyth
Mollie Forsyth

THE children at Golden Flatts Primary School, in Seaton Lane, weren’t exactly counting down the hours to Valentine’s Day.

They believe they’re a bit young to celebrate the day – but some did admit to handing out or receiving cards in the past.

Jamie Dalkin, 11, said: “Last year I gave a card for Valentine’s Day but I never told the girl it was from me. I didn’t hand out any cards this year.

“I think it’s a bit of fun, but it’s a waste of time really.”

Graham Lightfoot, 11, said: “I think Valentine’s Day is a waste of time. I have never given any one a card but I probably will when I get older.

“I think if I was going to give anyone a present for Valentine’s Day when I got older I would give flowers.”

Kieran Dunning, 10, said: “Valentine’s Day is nice for adults, they should be giving out cards. I have received a card before but I have never handed one out. I don’t really think it’s a special occasion.”

Alisha Young, 11, said: “I think it’s rubbish, we are too young to have a boyfriend.

“When we are 16 or 17, then it’s ok to have a boyfriend.

“If I was going to give something for Valentine’s Day I would give a card or get something from Poundstretcher.”

Melissa Forsyth, 10, said: “I don’t think children should give out cards for Valentine’s Day, it’s not appropriate because we are too young.

“I think it’s a waste of money buying a card, I didn’t give one this year.”

Jack Sotheran, 11, said: “I gave a card to my mum last year and this year for Valentine’s Day. But I think it’s boring, we are still too young.

“I didn’t give any other cards out this year.”

Mollie Forsyth, 10, said: “Some people might have boyfriends or girlfriends and enjoy Valentine’s Day.

“I didn’t give a card out this year, I got one last year. I didn’t want one this year.”

Katie Mason, 10, said: “I think Valentine’s Day is good because if you get a card you can keep them forever.

“I have had two cards in the past but I don’t think I will get one this year.

“I didn’t give anyone a card either.”