MP and pupils share the magic of Disney

MP Iain Wright reads from a Disney book to Barnard Grove Primary School pupils
MP Iain Wright reads from a Disney book to Barnard Grove Primary School pupils

HARTLEPOOL MP Iain Wright swapped the House of Commons for the school hall to enjoy a magical reading break with primary school pupils.

Mr Wright spent the morning at Barnard Grove Primary School, in Hartlepool, speaking to the whole school in assembly before meeting school council representatives and parents.

And as part of the jam-packed morning, the youngsters and the MP were lucky enough to get their first glance at the Wonderful World Of Knowledge series, available in the Mail from next week.

The countdown is well and truly underway and it is now just a week until the first book, Dinosaurs, goes out absolutely free with every Mail.

After speaking to the youngsters about the importance of working hard at school, Mr Wright had a look through the books in the 24-title series and hailed the range of subjects, the content and the illustrations.

He said: “It is so important to get children interested in books at a young age because you are giving them a love that will stay with them for the rest of their lives.

“Children can spend so much time reading books and learning from them, especially if they are very appealing.

“These Disney books are beautifully illustrated and I think children of a wide age-range would have a lot of fun reading them.”

Mr Wright added: “The subjects in the series are interesting ones.

“Dinosaurs are obviously something youngsters will find interesting and space also fascinates youngsters.

“I can imagine nanas and granddads collecting the tokens, building up the series and spending time with the youngsters reading them.”

Mr Wright said the opportunity to visit different primary schools in the town is one of the main perks of what he does.

“It is such an interesting part of my job,” he said.

“These young people are our future and it is absolutely fascinating to hear what they have to say and spend time with them.”

The Disney titles, not available to buy in the shops, can be bought for just £2.99 each with tokens available in your Mail.

After starting the collection with the free dinosaurs book, readers can then collect one token each week to guarantee a copy of the next book in the series for the bargain price.