Music teacher suspended over ‘inappropriate’ Facebook videos

Stephanie Aird
Stephanie Aird

A TEACHER has been suspended after allegations that she posted “inappropriate” videos on Facebook.

Dyke House Sports and Technology College suspended music teacher Stephanie Aird during the summer holidays when the school’s senior staff were made aware of the videos.

It is understood the comedy sketch-type videos were posted on the teacher’s personal Facebook page, and commented on and later shared by pupils from the school.

The school took the action after receiving complaints that videos were posted showing the teacher talking to a camera phone, often swearing and making comments which were “inappropriate”.

The school have stressed that the footage on the videos is not of a sexual nature.

Headteacher Andrew Jordon was alerted to the videos by colleagues during the six-week break, and confirmed to the Mail that the teacher was immediately suspended from her duties.

Parents of pupils at the school have also been in touch with Mr Jordon since the students returned from their break last week.

Mr Jordon said: “I cannot comment in detail about a disciplinary case which is on-going.

“But I can confirm that the individual has been suspended and an investigation is underway.

“The school has a very stringent acceptable user policy for ICT-related issues which all members of staff have signed up to.”

The Mail understands the teacher at the centre of the investigation will be interviewed by a senior member of staff where the nature of the complaints made against her will be discussed.

Mr Jordon will then make a decision on how to discipline the teacher, who will have the right to appeal with the school’s governing body.