Pros and cons of Facebook

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YOUNGSTERS at Jesmond Road Primary School have mixed feelings about using Facebook.

Katie Lester, 11, thinks the site has positive and negative aspects.

Katie said: “Facebook is very good for people who want to chat to their family and friends, but people have to be very careful.

“People should only speak to their friends or family or people they know, they have to take care.

“I think it’s the same on Twitter, people follow celebrities, but they shouldn’t follow someone if they don’t know who they are.”

Rachel Campbell, 10, said: “The site is very good if you want to stay in contact with someone, but it has its bad points.

“I think if teenagers use it their parents should know they have an account.

“There is nothing wrong with people going on Facebook and talking to someone who they know.

“There are all sorts of games and activities they can enjoy on the site as well.”

Darion Cockrill, 11, said: “I think it’s brilliant that people can talk to their friends and family on Facebook and play games as well.

“I think it’s OK for children and teenagers to use Facebook, but they have to be careful.

“There is always one website which is very popular.

“Everyone seems to like Facebook.”

Caitlin Elwin, 11, said: “I think people have to be careful when they upload certain things on to Facebook.

“If people don’t put their privacy settings on then they don’t know who is looking at their pictures. If people are careful, it should be fine.”

Jennifer McAllister, 11, said: “There are dangers to sites like Facebook. I think it would be good if there was a button which was very clear where people can report any bad behaviour.

“That would help to wipe out one of the main negative points of the site.

“I can see why it is so popular though, everyone gets to talk to their friends and family and look at their pictures.”

Stanley Davison, 11, said: “I think Facebook will be very popular for years to come. It will probably get better and better.

“I think it is most popular with people who are 17 and 18 years old and older. I can see why a lot of people want to have Facebook.”

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