Pupils do their bit for the environment

New starters at Fens Primary School, September 2011
New starters at Fens Primary School, September 2011

THE Eco Warriors at Fens Primary School, in Mowbray Road, Hartlepool, show off their green-fingered skills in the school allotment, as well as urging fellow pupils to look after the environment.

SCOTT SKILBECK, 10, said: “I joined the Eco Warriors this year when we were asked who wanted to volunteer.

“I was really pleased when I got chosen.

“I think it’s important everyone does their bit to help the environment.

“We do work quite hard at it in school.”

LEO NEVILLE, 10, was a member of the group last year as well.

He said: “Last year we set up a shed and four little allotments on the school premises.

“We pick potatoes and other vegetables and other classes in the school also get the opportunity to use it.

“It’s good to spend a second year in the group, I can offer some help and advice to the people who have just joined.”

CHLOE WANLEY, 10, said: “I was really pleased to get involved with the group this year.

“It’s really important we look after our environment.

“I watched a programme on the television which showed how many trees are being cut down and in years to come it is going to have a real impact on people.

“We need to think about the people who will live on the planet in the future.”

HARVEY WARD, 11, said: “One of the main messages I want to get across to people is for them to recycle things instead of putting them in the bin.

“That is really important.

“I got involved with the group because I wanted to help the environment. I really enjoy it as well.”

WILL MADDISON, 11, said: “So far this year we have been out in the allotment and done a lot of recycling.

“Other pupils in the school really support what we are doing.

“They realise as well that it is important to look after the environment, imagine what the world would be like if nobody cleaned up after themselves.

“Everyone has to do their bit.”

ZAK ZIELINSKI, 10, said: “I was part of the group last year as well and I wanted to carry on.

“We have planted trees, set up our own allotment and done a lot of recycling. I think people need to realise that we are living in this world so it is our responsibility to look after it.”