School’s road safety day is hailed a success

A ROAD safety event has been hailed a success.

The event at Thornley Primary School involved more than 180 school children and their parents in a bid to ensure young people are safe on the roads, especially during dark nights when road accidents can rise.

The event was brought about by local volunteer Cliff Frampton who, with support from East Durham Trust, wanted to bring road safety to the forefront of his local community.

Cliff succesfully engaged the local school, police, council and Living Streets, which offered activities such as a cycling skills session, an interactive road safety training exercise, trying on police uniform and equipment and a pledge system that encourages parents, along with their children, to commit to walking to school.

The pupils also got involved with running the event, hosting an interactive quiz stall that gave people the opportunity to test their road safety knowledge and a crash scenario where upon people were invited to analyse and deconstruct the details.

Also present was ‘Bertie the Bear’, the police mascot.

Mr Frampton said: “It all started on a personal note for me, as I was concerned about a few road safety issues in Thornley.

“However, after learning of the National Road Safety week taking place in November, I was inspired to get the whole community involved. My first port of call was to contact the local schools and it all snowballed from there. The main thing from my point of view was that the children benefited from the event by gaining an understanding of road safety awareness.”

Cliff was supported in organising the event by East Durham Trust’s Kris Richardson, whose role is to support community work in the Thornley area.

The event was also supported by local councillors, Lucy Hovvels and Morris Nicholls, who both attended, endorsing their support for local road safety awareness in the village and engaging with the young people at the event.