SLIDESHOW: Hartlepool United boss hands out awards at St Bede’s school

HARTLEPOOL United manager Colin Cooper was on hand to congratulate some goal-scoring of a different kind when he was invited to present prizes at an awards evening.

The Pools boss was at St Bede’s Catholic Comprehensive School and Byron Sixth Form College, in Peterlee, to hand out well-deserved accolades to students during the Westway-based school’s annual awards event.

Special Award winners pictured at the presentation event.

Special Award winners pictured at the presentation event.

Around 150 awards were presented to 125 students from across all year groups.

Assistant headteacher Paul Dickson said: “This was a chance to celebrate and recognise the wonderful work in partnership with students, parents and the business environment.

“We had Caterpillar’s managing director Phil Handley here praising the idea of partnership and we also recognised the amazing progress the kids are making.

“Each individual was given the opportunity not only to meet their targets but exceed them, in sport and music as well.

“We are all proud of the students and look forward to celebrating even more achievements next year.”

Mr Dickson said Colin spoke about his career and how even now he is on a journey in management every day, learning something new, which was “a message that really hit home with students”.

He added that Colin also spoke about the Finlay Cooper Memorial Fund, a charity set up by he and his wife Julie in memory of their son, Finlay, who died in a choking accident shortly before his second birthday 11 years ago.

The school donated £1,000 towards the fund, with parents contributing a further £250.

Colin said: “It was great to see the achievements of the pupils at the school and it’s important to celebrate that.

“It was especially pleasing to see a few pupils there that I knew from Middlesbrough’s Academy so it was great to be a part of the night.”