SLIDESHOW: Manor set to appeal against results

THE headteacher at Manor College of Technology is set to appeal against the school’s disappointing results.

Anne Malcolm says the altering of grade boundaries had a dramatic impact on results at the Owton Manor Lane school.

Manor College of Technology pupil Eva Currell with her GCSE results.

Manor College of Technology pupil Eva Currell with her GCSE results.

Just 42 per cent of the school’s pupils achieved five A*-C grades, including English and maths. But Mrs Malcolm is confident had grade boundaries not been changed the school would have achieved its target of 55 per cent.

Mrs Malcolm said: “We are really pleased for the pupils who have done extremely well.

“If the grade boundaries hadn’t been changed then we do believe our results would have been a lot better and we would have comfortably reached our target. We will be appealing against the results.”

Top performer Eva Currell, 16, was delighted with her results. She achieved three A* grades and six As and now plans to study maths, further maths, chemistry and physics at Hartlepool Sixth Form College.

Eva said: “It’s been killing me for the last few weeks not knowing how I’ve done but the weight is off my shoulders now and I’m so happy.”

Samantha May, 16, was also celebrating great results achieving one A*, five As and three Bs.

Samantha, from the Rift House area of town, said: “It was tough revising for it but I’m really pleased with my results.”

Rebecca Hand, 16, from the Fens area of town, was delighted with her results of one A*, five As, two Bs and two C grades.