Space to Learn with mask designs for Greatham pupils

James Hammond
James Hammond

IT’S been a creative time in the classroom for the pupils at Greatham Primary School.

“We had to make our masks in preparation for our trip to Space To Learn.

“For my mask I made a wolf. It was quite difficult designing and making it, but I really enjoyed it.”

SARAH McKIE, 11, decided that she would make her mask look like a peacock.

Sarah said: “I love the colours of a peacock, so that is why I chose that.

“I got a piece of card and designed it to look like a venetian lady mask. Art is my favourite subject.

“When I am at home I draw pictures of anything and everything, so I was really pleased when I found out we were doing this project.”

LORNA COSGROVE, 11, said: “I made my mask in the design of a snow leopard.

“This has been a really good project, especially with us going to Space To Learn.

“I like going on school trips.

“We went to Robin Wood earlier this year on a trip, and stayed over there.

“That is definitely the best one we have been on, it was brilliant.”

EMELIA POWELL, 10, said: “I made a dolphin for my mask. It took me about three days in school to make it.

“It was really good. I like art and design. Me and my friend Sarah have been doing some at home, making our own animations.”

HANNAH SANDERSON, 11, said: “I did a peacock as well for my mask.

“It’s good doing a project like this because you get to use your imagination to think of some ideas.

“I have enjoyed looking at all of the masks everyone else has made.”

NATHAN ROBSON, 11, made a bull for his mask. Nathan said: “My bull was brown and white. I made it using card and felt tip pens.

“The project has been good, but I do prefer to do sport than art.”

JAMES HAMMOND, 10, said: “I made a panda. It was quite simple to make, really.

“To be honest, I’m not really very good at art but I have enjoyed this.

“My favourite lesson in school is PE.”