St Aidan’s upils set for African special assembly

PRIMARY school pupils are set to learn more about the lives of disadvantaged African children at a special assembly.

St Aidan’s School, in Loyalty Road, is due to host the assembly tomorrow morning to celebrate the African country of Lesotho’s day of independence.

Youngsters have been asked to come in wearing green, white and blue clothes as they will be making a human flag to celebrate the landmark.

The Reverend Philip Ashdown, vicar at St Peter’s Church in Stockton, has visited the country and he will speak at the assembly to give children a taste of life out there.

The landlocked African country has strong links with the Diocese of Durham and St Aidan’s school is also set to sponsor two children, aged nine and 10, from the country.

Headteacher Ian Railton said: “The school will be holding a special non-uniform day tomorrow to help celebrate Lesotho’s day of independence.

“We have asked the children to come in wearing green, white and blue clothes, the colours of the Lesotho flag, so we can make a human flag inside the hall.

“The Diocese has had strong links with the country for about 25 years and people from Lesotho did visit Hartlepool last year.

“But this is the first time our school has been involved and it will be good for the children to see how others live.

“It will also show them that not everybody is as fortunate.”

He added that the school would also be sponsoring two children for a year at a cost of £150 each.

The African country of Lesotho is surrounded on all sides by the Republic of South Africa.

It has a population of about two million people and about 40 per cent of the population live below the international poverty line of less than $1.25 a day.