Stepping back in time

SAYING HELLO: New starters at Greatham C of E Primary School, in Greatham Village
SAYING HELLO: New starters at Greatham C of E Primary School, in Greatham Village

YEAR 6 pupils at Greatham C of E Primary School, in Greatham Village, say they have thoroughly enjoyed their Tudors project.

The youngsters have studied in the classroom, welcomed visitors and went on a trip to Danby Castle.

Will Hammond, 10, said: “It has been a really interesting project.

“The trip to Danby Castle was brilliant, we got to try on Tudor outfits.

“We had a lady visit the school as well and tell us more about them, that was a really good day.

“There really are a lot of differences between back then and the way we live now.”

Mae Coleman, 11, also enjoyed welcoming a visitor into the school.

She said: “The lady who visited us was excellent.

“She dressed as the Tudors used to dress and she was really funny.

“She was telling us all about the school life back then.

“They used to have 12-hour days at school, I don’t think I could handle that.”

Chloe Cannell-Cass, 10, said: “Our trip to Danby Castle was brilliant.

“I really enjoy it when we go on trips to help us with a project we are doing in class.

“We have a few trips to look forward to this year.

“We are going to watch a pantomime at Christmas then we get to choose where we want to go for our end of year trip.”

Connor Ingold, 10, moved to Greatham from America a year ago.

He said he has thoroughly enjoyed looking back on time gone by in Britain.

“If I was still in America I would be studying the Aztecs and looking back at American history,” he said.

“I have enjoyed this project.

“It’s great learning about Henry VIII and we have been looking at some of Shakespeare’s plays as well.”

Luke Hickman, 10, said: “As part of the project we had to write a short story in the position of one of Henry VIII’s wives – that was really good.

“Life back then was so different to how it is now, they didn’t have nice houses or nice toilets.

“Pigs used to walk into people’s houses as well.”

Keaton Bentham, 10, said: “ICT is normally my favourite subject at school, but I have really enjoyed this.

“The best part was definitely going to Danby Castle.

“It’s interesting looking back on how people used to live.”