Tuning in ... or turning it all off?

Louis Harll
Louis Harll

YOUNGSTERS at St Peter’s Elwick CE Primary School have mixed views on X Factor and other reality shows.

Joel McKimmie, 11, said: “I absolutely hate the X Factor.

“I just think it’s exactly the same every year and I don’t think the judges are very good.

“I like Britain’s Got Talent though because obviously there is a lot more variety.”

Kate Cowan, 11, said: “I will watch X Factor but to be honest I think Britain’s Got Talent is better.

“X Factor has had some good singers, and Olly Murs is my favourite.

“I don’t really know whether it should stop or not, people will definitely watch it.”

Louis Harll, 10, said: “I think X Factor is quite funny when they have all of the bad acts on at first but it gets a bit boring when they get to the live shows.

“I liked Olly Murs when he was on the show and he has done really well since as well. I do enjoy Britain’s Got Talent.

“Twist and Pulse are my favourites from that show.”

Kaytlin Henells, 11, said: “I like X Factor at the start when they show all the bad acts.

“I thought the judges were ok last year but I prefer it when Simon Cowell is on.

“Gary Barlow is my favourite.”

Emma Scarborough, 11, said: “I quite like the X Factor but I do get bored of it by the end.

“I think Amelia Lily should have won last year.

“My favourite judge is Gary Barlow and I think the best contestant was Olly Murs.”

Oliver Stone, 11, said: “I don’t really like X Factor to be honest but I do normally watch it near the end.

“I don’t think I will watch it when it is on this year though, I think it is past its best now.

“I prefer Britain’s Got Talent, you get to see a bit of everything on there.”