VIDEO: Battle of the games consoles at Eldon Grove Primary in this week’s First Class

THE battle of the games consoles is hotting up once again.

Later this year gamers will have the choice of the new Playstation 4 or Xbox One when they are both released.

Tom Windsor.

Tom Windsor.

But will they appeal to youngsters in Hartlepool?

The Year 6 pupils at Eldon Grove Primary School had their say on games consoles and how much time they spend gaming.

Ethan Porritt, 10, said: “The first ever console I had was the Nintendo Wii and my dad tells me about the time he used to play on the Spectrum.

“I really like playing on consoles but I don’t think you should really play games if they have an age restriction that is too old for us to play.”

Abby Hecker, 10, said: “My first console was a Nintendo DS but now I have an Xbox 360, a laptop, an iPod and a Playstation.

“I do have three sisters and one brother, though, so they all get a lot of use.”

Tom Windsor, 10, said: “I remember when I got my first console which was a Game Boy which is very old now.

“My favourite game would probably be Fifa. I’m hoping to get the new one for Christmas.

“It is exciting about the new Playstation and Xbox but I don’t know whether I will get one of them yet.”

Grace Carney, 10, said: “I used to have a Nintendo DS but now I don’t have a console as such but I do have an iPad.

“There is so much choice now for people who want a console, especially when the new Playstation and Xbox come out.”

Aaron Noble, 10, said: “The first console I ever had was a Nintendo DS, I used to love that.

“Now I have an Xbox 360, a Nintendo 3DS and a laptop.

“I do really playing on my consoles but I try not to spend too much time on them.”

Rosie Tindall, 10, said: “I don’t really have a games console but I do have an iPad and a Kindle which I like to use.

“I know my dad used to have a Sega Megadrive. I think they used to be really popular.

“Games consoles have really changed over the years.”