VIDEO: Brougham pupils talk music in First Class

FROM Beyonce to Jake Bugg – the Brougham Primary School pupils have a varied taste in music.

X Factor winners Little Mix are impressing music fans over the pond with their debut album.

Rhiannon Forrester

Rhiannon Forrester

But it’s not reality show winners which impress the Year 6 pupils at Brougham Primary School, in Brougham Terrace.

They discussed their favourite musical artists.

Libbie Anderson, 11, said: “My favourite singer is Jessie J because she has loads of confidence.

“I like all of her songs and she is really good on the television as well.”

Levi Anderson, 11, said: “My favourite singer is definitely Nelly.

“I think he’s a great singer and my favourite song is his new one, Porsche.”

Luke Jarvis, 11, is a big Jake Bugg fan.

He said: “He’s a really good artist and I think he’s got a really good voice.

“I like all of his songs but I think my favourite is Thunderbolt.”

Charlotte Bradley, 11, said: “My favourite singer is Flo Rida.

“In nearly all of his songs he raps and I absolutely love rapping.

“My favourite song is I Cry.”

Connor Bland, 11, said: “My favourite singer is Eminem because he is a really good rapper.

“My favourite song is Love The Way You Lie with Rihanna.

“He has so many good songs though so it’s hard to choose.”

Rhiannon Forrester, 11, said: “My favourite singer is Beyonce because she has got a great voice.

“I really like a lot of her songs, I would love to watch her perform live.”