VIDEO: First Class Rift House pupils are leaders in sport

A GROUP of Year 6 pupils at Rift House Primary School have added responsibility this year after they were named as junior sports leaders.

Being the oldest pupils in the school, the role means the youngsters help the younger children with sporting activities and at break and lunch time.

The Rift House pupils

The Rift House pupils

They explained their individual roles to Mail reporter Dominic Shaw.

Josh Scully, 10, said: “I am a junior sports leader in school for football.

“That means I help to sort all of the football teams out and help the teachers.

“I enjoy my role.”

Dalton Gardner, 10, said: “My role is to help the younger children in school play with each other and be friends.

“I think it’s important for the younger children to have that support and it’s very important for them to have a group of close friends.”

Olivia Jeffries, 10, helps to ensure the younger children are safe and behave in the school.

She said: “My role is to make sure the younger children behave in the corridors and to make sure they are safe.

“I also have to make sure that none of the children are playing in the toilets.”

Daniel Brown, 10, said: “My role is to help the youngsters with their tennis skills and teach them how to play.

“I really enjoy my role, I like playing tennis so it’s nice to be able to help the younger children improve their skills.”

Madison Wilson, 10, demonstrates her expert dancing knowledge to the younger children.

She said: “I help to teach the little ones how to dance.

“A lot of them enjoy dancing so it’s nice to be able to help them get even better.”

Abbey Twinn, 10, said: “I help Madison teaching the children how to dance which is good.

“I also get to choose the playlist for what music is played at break time and lunchtime so I get to play all the music I like.”

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