VIDEO: Hart pupils can’t wait for Christmas

PRIMARY school children only have two weeks left until they break up for the Christmas holidays.

And the youngsters at Hart Primary School can’t wait for the big day.

New starters Hart Primary.

New starters Hart Primary.

They spoke to Mail reporter Dominic Shaw and discussed what they enjoy most about Christmas.

Thomas Cosgrave, 10, said: “The best thing about Christmas is spending time with the family, I really like that. I do like opening presents as well, this year I want a new bike.”

Sam Harkness, 11, said: “I like everything about Christmas but the best part is definitely opening the presents.

“This year I have asked for a simulator seat for my PlayStation.”

Rosie Myers, 10, said: “My favourite bit about Christmas is giving other people presents.

“What I would like this Christmas is a new phone.”

Amelia Trattles, 11, said: “The best thing about Christmas is watching my little brother William open his presents, he’s always so excited.

“This year I have asked for a touch-screen laptop.”

Grace Trimble, 11, said: “What I enjoy most about Christmas is the Christmas dinner, I love that.

“I like everything about Christmas though but I don’t really know what presents I would like this year.”

Daniel Hutchinson, 10, said: “My favourite thing about Christmas is running into my brother’s room first thing on a morning and jumping on his stomach to wake him up.

“This year I have asked for a TV for Christmas.”