VIDEO: Sacred Heart pupils admire David Beckham in First Class

FOOTBALL fan or not, everybody knows David Beckham.

But Beckham announced his retirement from the game last week and played his final professional match for French champions PSG at the weekend.

Tamzin Weatherill

Tamzin Weatherill

The Year 6 pupils at Sacred Heart RC Primary School told the Mail all they know about England’s most famous football star.

Bradley Lundrigan, 11, said: “I think one of Beckham’s best achievements was helping us to get the Olympics.

“He won a number of titles and I will always remember him for his famous free kicks.”

Ben Suggitt, 11, said: “I read that when Beckham went for a trial at Tottenham Hotspur when he was younger he wore a Man Utd kit.

“I will always remember him for his different hairstyles.”

Madison Doherty, 11, said: “I think now David Beckham has retired he will spend even more time with his children and teach them how to play football.”

Katie Murphy, 11, said: “I think David Beckham has been such a good footballer because when he was younger he used to play until dark with his dad.

“The thing I will most remember him for is all of the adverts he has appeared in.”

Finley Williams, 11, said: “The things I will remember David Beckham for is when he scored one of the most famous goals in Premier League history against Wimbledon and when he scored against Greece and his dirty tackle against Argentina.”

Tamzin Weatherill, 11, said: “I know Beckham mainly because his wife is Victoria Beckham who was in the Spice Girls. He helps charities by getting people to play sport.”