VIDEO: St Hild’s green machine does well in Croft Racing Circuit challenge

STUDENTS got off to a flying start when an electric car they built out performed teams from all over the country in its first ever race.

Pupils from St Hild’s Church of England School, in Hartlepool, came 11th out of 33 schools when they entered their green-powered car in the challenge at Croft Racing Circuit near Darlington.

The St Hilds school electric racing car team.

The St Hilds school electric racing car team.

The Year 9 youngsters spent months designing building and refining their “Mean Green Electric Machine” to make it run as fast as possible without using too much energy.

Karen Stainthorpe, St Hild’s head of science, said: “We went to see the race last year and thought it would be really good to get involved.

“They have had some help on the technical aspects, but they have done all the hard work.

“We ended up coming 11th at Croft which was awesome. They exceeded all expectations and we are just so proud of them.

“Our main objective was just to get it to work and enter the race.

“The enthusiasm from the students has been fantastic.

The Greenpower FP24 Challenge was open to young engineers aged 11-16 from across the country.

A total of 33 schools entered their own electric cars in the race including from as far away as Essex and Scotland.

The St Hild’s group were up against experienced teams who have raced their cars for a number of years.

Each school received a basic kit and car frame and it was up to each team to design the body and build it from scratch.

The St Hild’s students worked on it every night after school and even went in over half term to get it ready for the race.

They are now on track to enter more races later in the year.