VIDEO: The importance of staying safe online

THE youngsters at Ward Jackson C of E Primary School know the importance of staying safe online.

Figures released last week from the NSPCC showed the number of youngsters in the UK contacting the charity’s ChildLine about cyberbullying doubled in the last year.

New starters at Ward Jackson Primary pictured by Hannah Liddle

New starters at Ward Jackson Primary pictured by Hannah Liddle

The Year 6 pupils at Ward Jackson told Mail reporter Dominic Shaw that any such incidents should be reported to teachers and parents immediately.

They also explained how young people can stay safe while surfing the net.

Tyler Wildberg, 10, said: “One of the most important things is to make sure you don’t give your password out.

“If you do people can access your accounts and find out other personal information.”

Josh Foster, 10, said: “You should never talk to people you don’t know on the internet.

“It’s easy for people to pretend to be somebody else so you should only communicate with people you know.”

Tegan Egglestone, 10, also believes it’s important to protect your password.

She said: “You need a password if you play on a lot of online games but you should make sure that nobody knows it because then they could hack into your account.”

Joseph Hall, 11, said: “I think the main message about internet safety is to be very careful about giving out any personal information such as your address.

“You never know who is reading your information so you should only do it when you know the site is very safe.”

Sam Joice, 10, said: “If you ever get bullied while you are on the internet you should always make sure you tell your parents and teachers straight away.

“It would be very useful to contact the website’s owner as well.”

Sam Griffiths, 11, said: “You need to be very careful on the internet and should avoid clicking on pop-ups.

“Sometimes they can take you to websites that could have viruses. You need to be careful about scams.”