VIDEO: Ward Jackson pupils on why they love Hartlepool in First Class

FROM the seaside to the shopping centre, the Year 6 pupils at Ward Jackson Primary School love Hartlepool.

Everything the town has to offer was showcased in a video recorded on the longest day of the year last week which is online now on the Mail’s website.

Nicholas White

Nicholas White

But what is the best thing about Hartlepool?

The Ward Jackson youngsters had their say.

Daniel Grundy, 11, said: “My favourite thing about living here is the beach at Seaton Carew.

“I really like making sandcastles so I like going and spending time at the beach.

“We are lucky to live on the coast.”

Nicholas White, 11, said: “I really love waking up on a morning and hearing the seagulls screeching over my house.

“I think that’s one of the best things about living near the seaside.”

Jessica Nossiter, 11, said: “I like living in Hartlepool because Ruff Diamond are from the town.

“Jason Lund, who is one of the members, went to our school as well when he was younger.”

Rebecca Houldsworth, 11, said: “I like Hartlepool most because it has everything I need when I want to go shopping.

“My favourite place to go is New Look, but I like a few other shops in the shopping centre as well.”

Jessica Francis, 11, said: “I like it in Hartlepool because I have lots of friends who live nearby who I play out with.

“I have a really good family and I like to help to look after my sister.”

Kira Foster, 10, said: “I like Hartlepool because there are so many dance schools in the town. I am a member of Val Armstrong School of Performing Arts.”