VIDEO: West Park pupils love swimming in First Class

THE Year 6 pupils at West Park Primary School have a lot of swimming experience - and they absolutely love it.

But according to a survey carried out by the British Amateur Swimming Association last week, half of the primary school children in England can’t swim 25 metres without needing help.

Damon Crawford

Damon Crawford

They think that schools should take swimming lessons much more seriously, and need to do more to teach kids.

The West Park pupils talked about their love of swimming.

Damon Crawford, 11, said: “I really like swimming, I’ve been able to swim for years now.

“I remember when I was swimming with my dad in Florida when I was only four years old.”

Charlotte Parsonage, 11, said: “Swimming is really good for you and it helps to improve your fitness.

“I’ve always really enjoyed swimming and I’m surprised by that survey.”

Ketan Kandola, 11, said: “I started swimming when I was only two.

“I go swimming every week, I enjoy it and it’s good for you as well.”

Beth Connor, 11, said: “I enjoy swimming.

“Last term I went swimming with the school every Friday, if you go every week like we did you improve quite quickly.”

Thomas Shotton, 11, said: “It’s good to learn how to swim when you are young.

“I have been swimming for about five years and I go once a week with the school.”

Lucy Downes, 11, said: “I have been swimming since I was five years old.

“I represented the school at a gala at Mill House which was good. I like swimming, all of my friends do as well.”