WATCH: Not joust another day as knight and squire visit school

IT wasn’t joust another day in class for pupils when a special SIRprise visitor came to their school.

The youngsters from Grange Primary School, in Owton Manor Lane, Hartlepool, felt like they were inside one of the pages of their story books when they welcomed gallant knight Sir Paul and his mighty steed Blue.

JOUST THE JOB: Knight Paul Martin on his horse Blue.

JOUST THE JOB: Knight Paul Martin on his horse Blue.

One of the kids’ topics this term was looking at ‘Do dragons exist?,’ and they had been doing lots of work on the subject.

So they were delighted with the super efforts of their class teacher, Alison Cooper, who arranged the events.

Mrs Cooper said: “It was fantastic, we were all so impressed, the children and the staff.

“I’ve got a friend who is a storyteller and he mentioned that he knew someone who did re-enactments of Vikings and Romans and things like that.

“I rang him and asked if he would mind doing a jousting demonstration dressed as a knight and he agreed.

“He does lots of historical venues, and he takes his horse along and his squire. For us he came up with a demonstration suitable for younger children with a comedy element.”

She added: “He brought his horse and his squire and they were in full costume. He was being funny and treating his squire not very nicely so the kids were booing him. They loved it.”

After the enthralled children had watched the show, they then went into their school hall for a medieval banquet where they were all dressed in attire from the era.