What’s your Everest? Hartlepool young people inspired to reach for the stars

TEACHING: Ellis Stewart
TEACHING: Ellis Stewart

STUDENTS from across Hartlepool were given some tips on how to become the next generation of entrepreneurs as part of a national awareness week,

The event at the Town Hall Theatre, which was part of Global Entrepreneurship Week, was organised by Hartlepool Borough Council under the banner of the Hartlepool Youth Investment Project (HYIP).

NEXT GENERATION: Student learn all about how to become successful entrepreneurs after they leave education.

NEXT GENERATION: Student learn all about how to become successful entrepreneurs after they leave education.

A total of 143 pupils from the town’s English Martyrs, Manor, St Hild’s and Dyke House schools as well as the town’s Pupil Referral 
Unit were given the chance to meet local entrepreneurs and take part in interactive workshops to find out what it is like to run their own businesses.

Keynote speakers at the event were two particularly inspirational Hartlepool people - Ellis Stewart who is committed to realising his dream of climbing Mount 
Everest, and daredevil photographer Lucinda Grange who has scaled a number of famous buildings and structures to take photo-
graphs from the top.

Ellis recounted to the students how his hopes of climbing Mount Everest were thwarted earlier this year when a huge avalanche struck, killing a number of Sherpa guides.

He was forced to abandon his ascent and returned home, but he now plans to go back to the Himalayas next year to try to complete his climb to the summit.

Ellis told the students: “It would be so easy for me to stand here and say to you to stay in your comfort zone and just drift through life.

“But whatever you decide to do in life you have got to get out of your comfort zone.”

And he left them to ponder the question: “What’s your Everest?”

Councillor Kevin Cranney, vice-chair of Hartlepool Council’s Regeneration Services committee, said: “Ellis and Lucinda are two superb examples of local people who 
have pushed themselves to the limit to try to achieve their aims in life.

“I hope the young people who attended were inspired by Ellis and Lucinda and motivated to pursue their own dreams.”

A number of local companies – BloominArt, Mariner Care, Hart Biologicals, DP Consultancy, M Media and Design, Newton Cakes, Lucinda Grange Photography and 3s Team CIC – supported the event by taking part in workshops.

Representatives of the Heritage Craft Alliance were also present.