Youngsters learn all about Africa

Connor Ramsay
Connor Ramsay

PUPILS at Jesmond Road Primary School, in Hartlepool, wrote letters to youngstersw in Africa as part of lessons on the continent.

Caitlin Elwin, 11, said: “In my letter I have wrote all about myself, what I enjoy and about my family. It would be brilliant to get a reply.

“It has been a really enjoyable project. Learning about some of the places in Africa makes you realise just how lucky we are.”

Warren Smith, 11, said he has really enjoyed the project.

He said: “As well as learning about the people in Africa and the way they live, we have also found out about the animals there.

“The teachers have made the project very interesting.

“I particularly enjoyed writing to the children in Africa.

“We will be able to find out even more about their lives when we receive replies.”

Katie Lister, 11, said: “I have really enjoyed learning all about the different countries in Africa.

“I have learnt that some of them are really rich and some of them are really poor.

“It’s really interesting to see how other people live, and there is a lot of differences between the way we live and the way people in Africa live.”

Rachel Campbell, 10, said: “Before I started learning about Africa, I didn’t realise there was such difference between the way we live and the way they live.

“It’s good to find out about other parts of the world though.

“We have drawn our own maps of all of the countries in Africa.

“We also used the internet to find out more about it.”

Connor Ramsay, 11, said: “I watch documentaries about Africa on the television with my granddad, so it has been really good to learn even more about it in class.

“Life looks a lot more difficult in Africa.

“We take for granted a lot of things which the people in Africa will never have.”

Ryan Sabin, 11, said: “Geography isn’t normally my favourite subject, but I have really enjoyed this. I usually enjoy maths the most.

“It was brilliant that we got chance to write letters to the children in Africa.

“Not many people get the chance to do that.”