Eerie ghost walk around Hartlepool’s Headland

Joanne Banks
Joanne Banks

AN eerily interesting ghost walk has been organised for tomorrow night.

Joanne Banks is part of a Facebook group called Headland Ghost Stories.

And after researching different spooky stories from the Headland area she thought it would be a good idea to hold a ghost walk on Friday, June 13, to show-off the places where eery happenings have taken place.

Joanne’s research has led her to discover stories from locals of lights being turned on and off in their homes, doors being closed, ghostly children playing on the landing of a house, and even people waking up at night to something stroking their faces and removing their duvets.

She told the Mail: “I’ve found out so much since I started asking people in the area about sightings or evidence of ghosts. It’s been fascinating, and I’m not usually a believer in all of that kind of stuff. People have reported that they’ve seen nuns walking past houses holding babies, a little girl and boy being heard giggling and playing on a landing, and a taxi driver who saw a ghost at the window of a house. Others have told me of hoovers going on and off, and one woman told me how she tells her ghost to turn the lights back on, if it turns them off. Apparently the ghost listens.”

The mum-of-three from the Headland area added: “It all started when a person on the Facebook page I’m part of, called Headland Ghost Stories, decided to organise a ghost walk. It ended up being cancelled for one reason or another, so I decided to take it on instead because I’ve become really interested in it and thought others would like to hear the stories too. All the money I raise will go to a charity which hasn’t been decided on yet.”

The walk will start at St Hilda’s Church, on the Headland, and will take the ghost hunters on a tour of two streets, the Masonic lodge, and two pubs in the area. It costs £5, which will all be donated to a charity which has yet to be named.

For further details ring Joanne on 07956 727118.