Election shout-out in Hartlepool to make sure voters are registered

Joe Michna CAB with their new web site
Joe Michna CAB with their new web site

A CAMPAIGN is being launched to call for people to have their say in elections being held in May.

Hartlepool Citizens’ Advice Bureau has teamed up with bosses at Hartlepool Borough Council to get more people on the electoral register.

With the general and local elections less than two months away, the campaign aims to encourage people to register so they will be eligible to vote.

The bureau will adopt a number of methods to get the people of Hartlepool registered, Joe Michna, bureau manager, said: “Our initial proposals for the campaign are to have large displays in the bureau office reception area giving information about the campaign and two new pages will be created on the bureau website.

“We have printed a large run of business cards giving details about voter registration, which will be available at the reception desk and all eight interview rooms.

“The bureau will also have a large supply of voter registration forms to hand to clients.”

The campaign will focus on all groups, but it does have two particular targets, young people and those with mental health conditions.

Mr Michna said: “Young people, because our housing advice and tenancy support service has a large group of clients who are under the age of 30, and people with a mental health condition, as the bureau also runs a mental health advocacy service and we have a catchment group of clients.

“Targeting will be through information given to clients at the conclusion of interviews.”

As well as working with the council, the bureau will use its links with other private, not-for-profit and statutory organisations to promote the campaign.

Joe hopes the campaign will keep any new voters engaged and involved in the future.

He said: “We will consider organising similar campaigns subject to resources and we will continue to work with Hartlepool Borough Council and others to raise awareness and increase participation.”

For more information, visit www.hartlepool-cab.co.uk or drop in to the bureau on Park Road.