ELECTIONS 2014: Candidates for the Headland & Harbour ward of Hartlepool

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AS part of the Mail’s 2014 local elections coverage, we will be focusing on all 11 wards in Hartlepool where seats are up for grabs.

The Mail will be profiling the 49 candidates who want your vote and examining the issues that are affecting local residents ahead of the election on Thursday, May 22.

Our coverage continues with the Headland & Harbour Ward.

Chris Broadbent (Conservative)

“I’m 68 years old, married with family and experienced since serving on a residents’ association.

“I feel the council should be more representative of the people it serves.

“I was amazed to learn Putting Hartlepool First managed to get its group leader allowance doubled, this isn’t putting residents first.

“We were the only political group that didn’t claim expenses last year. Conservative councillors cost you less.

“If elected I will fight on your behalf for the following; regeneration of the Headland, improvements for the sea wall, better transport services, more help for elderly and disabled, better policing of crime, improvements in education services and wiser investment in our town including our shopping centre.

“This is my promise, and I will fight on your behalf for better services as listed plus other important issues that affect you.

“A vote for me is a vote for change and better representation. Vote Conservative.”

Peter Jackson (Labour)

“An engineer, married with two grown up children, with eleven years experience as a councillor.

“We have delivered on all our last election promises:

l Sea defences - plans in place to Protect 200 houses near the town wall area from flooding.

l Bringing back into use buildings having stood empty and vandalised for years like the Friarage and Morison Hall.

l Fighting for bus services, the number 7 service now has extended services to the Headland.

l New Centre for Independent Living in the Burbank area.

“Most of the Hartlepool Vision is within our ward, these are exciting times, we have supported many groups within the whole of the ward with our ward budgets our emphasis being on the young and elderly.

“If elected again I will support my two Labour ward colleagues to carry on and build on the good work we have already done.”

Steve Latimer (Putting Hartlepool First)

“Having grown up on the Headland and having spent several years living on the marina, I am well placed to represent the ward.

“It would certainly be better represented by someone who actually wants to be your councillor, as I do, rather than someone who would rather be somewhere else.

“The Ancient Borough has always been much more than the ‘deprived area’ by which it is now too frequently described.

“Likewise, anyone can see that the marina doesn’t need yet another unfunded ‘Vision’; it needs a tin of paint and a commitment to basic maintenance.

“From disgraced ex-Labour councillors to the travellers fiasco or the turning of a Cemetery into an entertainment venue; it’s clear that there is something very seriously wrong with Hartlepool Council. It’s secrecy, its profligate spending; it’s ridiculously high council tax.

“You know Hartlepool can do better. Hartlepool First needs your vote to make it happen.”

Jim Tighe (Liberal Democrat)

“Born and brought up on the Central Estate, I attended St Mary’s, St Bega’s and St Peter’s schools and consider myself to be a proud Headlander (well nearly).

“I am a director of a local chemical engineering company and have worked all over the world managing on multi million pound projects

“I believe that the skills I have gained during my working lifetime (communication, organization, facilitation, delivery and budget control) can all be transferred to the council chamber.

“The Labour party have allowed our hospital to become a shell and wasted taxpayers’ money on failed schemes from gypsy sites to crackpot flood prevention schemes and Marina “Vision” pie in the sky development plans.

“Enough is enough.

“My priorities, if elected will be the regeneration of the Headland and Harbour Ward, improving the welfare and general wellbeing of the community and to serve Hartlepool to the best of my ability.”