ELECTIONS 2014: Candidates in the Burn Valley ward of Hartlepool

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HERE are all of the people who have put themselves forward as candidates for the Burn Valley ward of Hartlepool.

In the coming days, we will be focusing on all 11 wards that are up for election on Thursday, May 22.


“I’m Alec Gough and I’ve worked as a civil engineer for 26 years, I am married and have two children and three grandchildren.

“I am the Putting Hartlepool First candidate for the Burn Valley Ward where I live in Linden Grove.

“I have spoken to a large number of people in the ward and they tell me that it is time for a change. I agree.

“Hartlepool has one of the highest council taxes in the country.

“Yet we are expected to put up with appalling bus services, anti-social behaviour and can’t even keep our pavements clean. We need a council in tune with the people it represents; not one that has shown so little fight in saving our hospital.

“If you want a council to put its residents first instead of trying to distract you with unfunded pipedreams then you need to vote Putting Hartlepool First.”


“I am an independent candidate in the forthcoming election.

“Being independent gives me the opportunity to make up my own mind on the issues that occur and vote accordingly.

“I am not told how to vote by a party leadership.

“I see my role as not only to represent the best interests of my constituents at meetings in the Civic Centre but also to be actively involved in the local community.

“I do this in a variety of ways which include being member of resident associations and administrator of The Orb Resource Centre, a youth leader at St Matthews Community centre and a school governor.

“Living in the Burn Valley area I will always be available to help residents in any way I can.

“If re-elected I will continue to have monthly ward surgeries and keep residents informed by my news-letters.”


“I’m pleased to have this opportunity to represent you. I worked for many years in the information technology and defence industries including the British and Norwegian Armies.

“I worked with technicians as well as CEOs and chairmen of multi-national companies in many countries, occasionally with the country ambassador. I came out of semi-retirement to work in IT for Hartlepool Council where I gained an insight into the workings of the departments. For the last few years I’ve taken an interest in the work undertaken by our councillors and attended most council and central neighbourhood forum meetings.

“I’ve also participated in finance and policy and planning committees and attended the Clinical Commissioning Group. I’ve served my apprenticeship as a councillor.

“I feel my vast experience would greatly assist my role as your councillor. Email best4burnvalley@hotmail.com


“My name is Carolyn Stubbings and I am the UKIP candidate for the Burn Valley ward.

“As a health service professional of 30 years experience I am appalled at the way that the National Health Service in Hartlepool is being decimated.

“The closure of the A&E has been well publicised but very little has been mentioned of the loss of the mental health provision in the town.

“The purpose built facility in Lancaster Road is now closed at night and anyone requiring emergency help has to travel to Middlesbrough for assessment.

“Bearing in mind that over 25 per cent of the population have mental health problems, this is a dangerous loss of a vital service.

“If elected I will campaign hard to have the A&E unit re-opened and the Sandwell Crisis unit opened 24/7.”


“My name is Ken Thompson, I am married with two grown up children.

“I have worked for the NHS for nearly 20 years.

“I used to live in the Burn Valley ward myself until recently and I am well aware of the residents concerns in and around the area.

“I have noted the complaints of some of the residents concerning the state of some of the roads.

“I will work with the council and relevant agencies to rectify this.

“I will also work with the council and the relevant agencies to help combat anti-social behaviour in the ward and also to hold regular neighbourhood surgeries.

“I will always put the residents first.”