ELECTIONS 2014: Issues in the Foggy Furze ward of Hartlepool

Work underway at the site of new houses at Tanfield Gardens.
Work underway at the site of new houses at Tanfield Gardens.

AS part of the Mail’s 2014 local elections coverage, we will be focusing on all 11 wards in Hartlepool where seats are up for grabs.

The Mail will be profiling the 49 candidates who want your vote and examining the issues that are affecting local residents ahead of the election on Thursday, May 22.

Our coverage continues with the Foggy Furze Ward.

RESIDENTS in the Foggy Furze area of Hartlepool want to see more done to create new jobs for people looking for work.

People also want improved roads and potholes sorted with more for the young people of the area to do.

While residents out of work want to see their local councillors do more on the employment front, there is plenty of work on new housing ongoing in the ward.

The former Foggy Furze Library was closed and demolished in recent years to make way for a new housing development, while work is well on the way for houses next to the Stranton Cemetery site.

Developer Gleeson Homes secured the site from Hartlepool Borough Council and is currently building 45 new houses on the site next to the cemetery, which is at the bottom of Tanfield Road.

The land used to house sheds, storage areas and greenhouses but was deemed surplus to requirements.

When complete the development will be know as Tanfield Gardens and consist of two, three and four-bedroom semi-detached and detached houses.

Foggy Furze Library, in Stockton Road, was closed in 2011.

The council-run library was closed as a result of budget cuts and the building was flattened to make way for a housing development.


Anthony Auton is currently on the job hunt and wants more to be done to help jobseekers like him.

The 33-year-old lives in Innes Road, Hartlepool, and has been spending this week at a job course held at the Belle Vue Community Sports and Youth Centre, in Kendal Road.

Anthony told the Mail: “The biggest priority for me is that there needs to be more done to help people get jobs.

“There should also be more done to keep children and young people entertained with youth centres. There isn’t really much for them to do.”

Thomas Winship, 43, of Lister Street, is on the same job seekers course looking for a new job.

Thomas said: “There needs to be more work done to create more jobs. Another big issue around here is more things for the young people to do.

“There is the Belle Vue Centre of course but there needs to be other things for the 16 to 19 age bracket I think.”

Unemployed Carl Bruce, 22, of Browning Avenue, said: “The roads are in a poor state. I’ve had to replace three wheels on my car in the last two years due to potholes.

“When you are out of work you can do without that extra cost. Like others, I want to see more jobs created for people in this town.